Daz first encountered Lighthouse during his stay at St George’s Crypt in January 2014. He accepted the invitation to join the second ever Lighthouse gathering in the Crypt canteen over Sunday lunchtime and openly asked for prayer and practical support to break away from his life of crime, chaos and addiction. Shortly after, due to a previous offence, Daz was arrested and sent to prison but, he says, Lighthouse didn’t forget him:
“There was always someone to talk to with on the other end of the phone, emails from Jon, visits from Hannah & Jon, etc. I came straight from prison to Leeds, was met off the bus and then driven to Betel to begin my path to recovery.”
With the generous help of our valued volunteers we were able to send Daz to a Betel UK centre for residential Christian rehabilitation. Now, two years on, Daz is drug and alcohol-free, back in Leeds and a keen ambassador for Jesus and for the work and ministry of Lighthouse.”


“I lived in a car park, injecting heroin and living in chaos and crime. In autumn 2014 I found Lighthouse and received love, practical help, prayer and heard the Gospel. Since then, I have been walking heroin-free, found life in Jesus, been baptised and can now contribute to Lighthouse and wider society”


“Before I knew Jesus I was struggling with a history of abuse, drug addiction, mental health issues and bullying. But since being shown love at Lighthouse and getting to know Jesus I’ve kept pushing the FROG (“Fully Reliant On God”) and now I love him more. I still struggle with my past but I know that he is with me and giving me peace.”

Baptised Feb 2016