Lighthouse West Yorkshire is a fresh expression of church and registered Leeds-based charity which reaches out to those who are battered and bruised by the storms of life.


As well as our core Pastoral Team, Lighthouse relies heavily on its dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who give their time and energy to serve others.


Meet those embracing a fresh expression of church which seeks to reach out to those who are have been battered and bruised by the storms of life.


Lighthouse Academy is a discipleship course for people who are seeking that on-going transformation, who want to take their faith to the next level and deepen their understanding of who God is. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) -UPDATE: Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the UK, Lighthouse has changed the way in which we are supporting those battered & bruised by the storms of life.

We are now opening every Tuesday & Thursday from 11:30 am til 2pm as a Christian Day Centre and on Sundays 11:30pm til 1pm offering a place of sanctuary & support for those in our community struggling with loneliness & mental health during this difficult time. Following the government guidelines, we have strict Covid19 measures in place such as encouraging the wearing of face masks, regular hand washing, socially distanced seating in a large indoor space with all of our team wearing PPE.

During strict national Lockdown measures (as we had in Spring 2020) we will  instead focus our efforts on providing pastoral and practical support & advice for those in our Lighthouse community – through means of telephone contact (& providing mobile phones if necessary), on-street & 1-1 support, emergency food parcels, help with gas/elec provision.

Please consider financially supporting us as a charity through this time & click the link below to donate. (16/03/20)

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